Apprenticeship Courses

We deliver and train on Apprenticeship frameworks and standards

Apprenticeship Standards

The standard has been designed by a group of employers, known as trailblazer group, which is made up of employers from the sector you work in. they ensure that the standard is tailored to your specific job role. Standards ranging from level 2 up to level 7 have been developed and the level you take will depend on the role you are in. Our assessor (LSEM as a training provider) will be able to provide you with information on the level and duration of your apprenticeship. However, it is usually within the 12/18 months period.

Initial Assessment:

Once you have been allocated an assessor(s), they will arrange to meet with you to carry out an induction for your apprenticeship and conduct any initial assessments required. Your employer will also be involved in the discussion

The followings are the things we would provide and discuss with apprentices as soon we are engaged:

The followings are the things we would provide and discuss with apprentices as soon we are engaged:

Initial Assessment:

• Planning training and development with the apprentices for the purpose of ensuring that knowledge, skills and behaviours are applied throughout the apprenticeship programm

• Additional learning and support needs are:

  1. English and Maths functional Skills and information and communications technology (ICT) support if required.
  2. Special Education Needs include wide-ranging of specific conditions, for example, autism, Asperger, dyslexia among others
  3. Child Care
  4. English for speakers of other languages
  5. Transport to work

• The apprentices short and long term personal goals and career hopes and plans
• The frequencies of meeting with you by our assessors
• How to prepare for the gateway and your End-Point Assessment (EPA)

• Our policies and procedures including the complaints, appeals and safeguarding policy

The Following Are the Apprenticeship Courses That We Offer and Deliver:

• Business administration / Administrator levels 2, 3 and 5
• Retail management courses level 2 to 4
• Customer Service course Level 3
• Health and Social Care / Adult Care Levels 3, 4 and 5

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