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Our training centre (LSEM) has great passion for delivering quality training to apprentices, our slogan is "making learning a character" hence, imparting relevant apprenticeship training to suite your organisation needs (See the apprenticeship courses we offer and deliver). We ensure the apprentices acquire necessary skills, knowledge and behaviour channelled towards increasing their knowledge and performance at work. More importantly, we train the apprentices to fit into the organisations’ succession plan.

We have flexible delivery plan such that will engage apprentice even while at work (email and texts follow-up). We consider your output hence; we do not encourage bulk release of all the apprentices; we only draw a schedule of meeting with the apprentices such that would not affect your workforce.

Our assessors are obliged to travel to your organisation (up to 100 miles) on regular basis to train the apprentices while at work, show them new skills in completing their tasks and make sure they gain new knowledge per each visit. The assessors are also obliged to send relevant materials to meet the learning needs of the apprentices via email and text messages… Occasionally, there will be tutorial phone calls from assessors targeted towards the lunch break and off period of the apprentices. Summarily, regular communication is established to support the apprentices.

Our assessors are academically and professionally qualified with over 10 years occupational experience. We carry our regular police check (DBS) to ensure that they are fit to assess...

Quality materials to support apprentices to meet the learning needs of apprentices. That is, we identify the learning needs of each apprentice and we meet those needs.

Quality Assurance: We do have a team of quality assurance personnel with over 10 years’ experience providing quality assurance, compliance and consistency with the standards. Also, we also have in the team certified End-Point Assessors who would with their experiences provide necessary guidance to the apprentices towards achieving on their End-Point Assessment hence, the qualification. 

Finance: our fees are negotiable and affordable. All you need do is call us in for negotiation. We are very flexible because we prioritise the achievement of your apprentices.


Count on our team to provide thorough adult education courses in London and throughout the UK. With management and teacher training options available, you are sure to find the training that you are looking for. Based in Islington, London, the London School of Education and Management runs courses throughout educational departments and businesses for those aged 19 and above. Both classroom and practical knowledge is provided, and our courses are the perfect way to make yourself more employable. Training is also available for those seeking additional education post-university, and we offer a cost-effective training option for businesses. With more than 10 years of experience and approvals by the ABC Awards™ and OCR™, trust in our training providers to provide a relevant solution for you.

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